The Outsider Interviews Goes Paperback!

by Craig Spinks

October 22, 2012

Great news…The Outsider Interviews is now available on paperback! The new edition has changed considerably and has lots of new content. One of those changes is that the videos are now all available online at For the next 10 days Jim, Todd and I will be re-introducing 10 of our favorite videos from the project. Please help us get the word out about our new book by watching the videos, posting them on facebook, blogging about them, etc.

I remember thinking while shooting the footage for this video in 2008 that we were capturing thoughts and opinions that Christians needed to hear. I hoped our interviews, which provided more substance than sound bites, would motivate folks my parent’s age to interact a bit differently with young insiders and outsiders. However, many viewers seemed to respond less motivated than discouraged. They wanted to know how to better relate with young people holding vastly opposing worldviews without compromising their own values and beliefs. I think our first edition of The Outsider Interviews fell short in this area and this was at the forefront of our minds as we did some major edits for the second edition (now available). The revised book has more helpful and practical insight for connecting with insiders and outsiders, updates from many of the young adults we interviewed, five new chapters, and all of the videos are now available online (rather than on DVD).

I wonder what comes to your mind as you watch this video? How do you think video clips like this one are helpful/unhelpful?


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