Remaining Open

by Craig Spinks

November 2, 2012

I love the dichotomy highlighted in this clip and think it sums up one of the key things I’d love for older generations to understand about younger generations. On one hand we don’t want to blindly adopt beliefs. “The Bible says so” isn’t enough for many young insiders and outsiders. We want more proof whether it’s from science, history, etc. On the other hand, we realize that we’re not going to have absolute certainty with everything, so we hold beliefs more loosely. Todd has a great chapter in the paperback edition of The Outsider Interviews (chapter 7) that discusses how “you don’t have to give up on knowing to be a good conversation partner”. His point is that while many young people don’t see value in knowing, you can still be confident in your beliefs while having meaningful interactions with young people. Todd’s chapter describes some challenging views held by young generations (post-modernism, uncertainty, tolerance) using language more familiar to older generations and also give practical ways to bridge the divide. I hope you’ll check it out.

How confident are you in your beliefs? How do you think others respond to this confidence or lack thereof?


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