Ryan Dobson interviews Jim Henderson & Craig Spinks on Grounded Radio

01 November '10

Ryan Dobson (James Dobson’s son) invited Jim & Craig to be guests on his radio show, Grounded Radio. You can listen to the interview here (after registering):


Watch Jim’s 3-part TV interview with It’s a New Day

25 October '10

The Canadian TV show It’s a New Day interviewed Jim about The Outsider Interviews. You can watch all three episodesx here:


Steve Brown Etc. interview

27 September '10

Jim Henderson and Craig Spinks were interviewed on Steve Brown Etc.
Listen to the interview:


A great review in Youth Worker Journal

21 September '10

“If you read one book this year read this one. . . . Jim, Todd, and Craig have hit a homerun with this gift to those insiders who want to reach beyond the wall of their church.”

Check out the full review


My Inspiration for The Outsider Interviews

07 August '10

Among other notable events it was an “after preaching” encounter with a Ross Perot look alike at a seriously Southern Baptist Church in North Carolina.

I’d just completed a talk when an every hair in place eighty – something gentlemen with a ramrod straight back and fierce handshake made a bee line for me. I saw him coming and was preparing my defense when he said ” Do you know Brian Mclaren? (which in an SBC church is not a good way to begin a conversation but recalling Peters denial of Jesus and the fact that Brian was the first national leader to stand up for Off The Map I mustered my jesus- courage and said: “fact is Brian is actually a very good friend”. (more…)


New resources now available

06 August '10

Two helpful resources are now available as free PDFs on the extras page:
Small Group Leaders Guide and “How do I start a conversation like this at my church”


Pam Hogeweide Reviews The Outsider Interviews

06 August '10

The book and DVD would be extremely helpful for those moms and dads who raised their child(ren) in a Christian home only to have their sons and daughters flee the pew as soon as they were of age and beyond the prodding reach of mom, dad and youth pastor. The content of the interviews and how they are framed within the book will inform angsty Christian parents and youth pastors of what is going on in the minds and hearts of today’s American young adult. It’s not as bad as you’d think, and America’s emerging adults are not as antagonistic towards God as one might be led to believe by the startling data of reports such as unChristian.


Two more reviews: &

04 August '10

Two more reviews came in today: one from, the other from


Jim Henderson interviewed on The Drew Marshall Show

01 August '10

Jim Henderson was interviewed last week on The Drew Marshall Show about The Outsider Interviews. Listen to the interview: (in the archive on the July 24th, 2010 show)


Evangelism and the Under-Thirty Crowd

25 July '10

Check out this excerpt from Evangelism and the Under-Thirty Crowd by Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook…

A November 2009 issue of The Week featured a story, “Losing our Religion,” that focused on the rapidly growing numbers of the religiously unaffiliated in the United States, the so called Nones, and asked if organized religion is fading. Younger than the general population, many Nones believe in God yet are skeptical about organized religion. (more…)