Remaining Open

02 November '12

I love the dichotomy highlighted in this clip and think it sums up one of the key things I’d love for older generations to understand about younger generations. (more…)


The Christian Label

01 November '12

Who invented the word Christian? Young people struggle with the word. (more…)


Bottom Line Beliefs

31 October '12

I have an idea about why most of us are hungering for something core, something bottom line, something most—if not all—of us can agree on and work with. (more…)


The urge to Serve

30 October '12

The fastest way to engage young people (Christians or Non Christians) is to ask them to lead your church in serving others. (more…)


An Outsiders Difficult Choice

29 October '12

The section of this video that throws a lot of people is when Klarissa says that her friend reassured her that “this was the best option”. Did her friend cross the line from love and acceptance to endorsement for something she didn’t agree with? (more…)


An Outsider’s Survey of the Bible

26 October '12

Were I having coffee with Charlie and his friends I’d say it straight out: in spots, like the ordering of the slaughter of whole villages, the Bible is hard to understand. I’d admit this too: I do not know why the Bible can be difficult. (more…)


In or Out? Erin Wants to Know

25 October '12

Erin asks about the prerequisites for being a Christian. It seems to me that she’d like a clear line defined so she can evaluate whether she is in or out. This idea used to scare me a bit. (more…)


Are Christians too involved in Politics?

24 October '12

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt suggests that there are five moral values that form the basis of our political choices, regardless of whether we’re left, right or center. (more…)


How might Christians better respond to the Rio’s of the world?

23 October '12

I have a soft spot for athletes, and I remember meeting and liking Rio. She was open and honest, while being kind and humble. (more…)


The Outsider Interviews Goes Paperback!

22 October '12

Great news…The Outsider Interviews is now available on paperback! The new edition has changed considerably and has lots of new content. One of those changes is that the videos are now all available online at For the next 10 days Jim, Todd and I will be re-introducing 10 of our favorite videos from the project. Please help us get the word out about our new book by watching the videos, posting them on facebook, blogging about them, etc. (more…)