In or Out? Erin Wants to Know

by Craig Spinks

October 25, 2012

Erin asks about the prerequisites for being a Christian. It seems to me that she’d like a clear line defined so she can evaluate whether she is in or out. This idea used to scare me a bit. In my mind, if there were a clear line, there was a pretty good chance I’d fall outside that line. And if I weren’t a Christian, what would happen to all my Christian friends? How would the Christian clients for my video production company respond? And where would I find my identity after so much of how I viewed myself was lost? While I never was able to identify a clear line, I did come to terms with the fact that I’m not a Christian. I also began to believe that my relationships, business and identity didn’t have to be affected as radically as I’d feared. So far that’s been the case; my shift in religious affiliation hasn’t made much a difference in everyday life.

As I look back on the videos and re-read the paperback edition of The Outsider Interviews with this new lens, I appreciate things differently. I appreciate how we didn’t define what makes someone in or out and how blurry those lines are in our interviews. I appreciate how people are not referred to as projects, even in times when evangelism is discussed. I appreciate how Jim and Todd invited me into the writing process despite our differences (which were always present). Combine all these things, and The Outsider Interviews is a book that I’m proud to have been a part.

Do you think the boundaries for Christianity are clear? If so, why do you think they seem unclear to people like Erin and I?


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Would it be OK if I just by passed this angst altogether?

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