Bottom Line Beliefs

by Todd Hunter

October 31, 2012

I have an idea about why most of us are hungering for something core, something bottom line, something most—if not all—of us can agree on and work with. I think it is this: we are fed up with constant, non-stop differences and the divisions, mistrust and outright hatred they cause. For instance, I watch political debates, try my hardest to understand the argument and point of view of each side, searching in vein for real truth on which to build common ground. But in the end, all they do is make me believe them both: that the other side is wrong, mean, wicked and should not be listened to or followed. Great what do we do now that we know that, according to the debaters, we have no one we can trust and follow in government, on Wall Street or in corporations?

I think our outsider friends view Christian debates in a similar manner. They are searching for ground on which they can stand. While it is true, as our friends in the clip say, that God deals with each of us differently. This in turn shapes our view of issues of faith, which means that we all bring something to table of understanding scripture. True as far as it goes.

In the teachings of Jesus there actually is a place to stand—a rock on which we can build a life. At the end of the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 7: 24- 29), Jesus tells us how to get to this firm footing: put his words into practice; act as if you believe they are true; trust in them, rely on them, cling to them.
Do you think Jesus knew what he was talking about enough that you would bet your life on his teachings—his explanation of what is most real, true and important about life?

Thinking along those lines might be a way to get to the core of Christianity.


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