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The Outsider Interviews is a brilliant reminder to Christians and non-Christians alike that God’s love is bigger than our mistakes and that Jesus will continue to survive the embarrassing things we do in his name.

Shane Claiborne
author and activist, TheSimpleWay.org

An honest dialogue between those who state that they belong to Jesus and those ranging from •on the way’ to •no way.’ I encourage us all to watch, read, and join the conversation.

Elisa Morgan
publisher of FullFill.org and president emerita of MOPS International

If you care about the people Jesus cares about, please listen to the voices and messages within.

Dan Kimball
author of They Like Jesus but Not the Church


Following the insights they gained from reading the book unChristian, the authors of The Outsider Interviews are starting a conversation. How are Christians perceived? Why are more and more people walking away from their faith? More importantly, how can insiders—believing Christians—begin to change the negative feelings outsiders—those outside the church (as they call them in this book)—have of them?

If you read one book this year read this one. There is something for everyone. Read it with a group of leaders. Talk about it. Wrestle with it. If you’re not a big reader, watch the interviews. Jim, Todd and Craig have hit a homerun with this gift to those insiders who want to reach beyond the walls of their church.

Youth Worker Journal
September 2010

Inspired by, and supported with, a foreword by David Kinnaman, author of the bestselling unChristian, this tandem book/[online videos] puts faces on Kinnaman’s findings on Christianity’s image problem. In four cities, the authors interviewed Christians, but also agnostics, atheists, Muslims, gays, and other groups Christians are believed to reject. . . . Each chapter includes tie-ins to the interviews and a reader’s guide for discussion. . . . The combined impact of the book and [videos] is stunning: the authors have heard and noted important ways Christians can improve their outreach by being more like Jesus, who meets people where they are.

Publishers Weekly
July 2010

The Outsider Interviews Book/[online videos] Baker Books www.bakerbooks.com = IN SHORT: David Kinnaman’s popular book, unChristian, made waves in Christian circles when it presented thoroughly researched findings about the declining reputation of Christianity in the eyes of emerging generations of Americans. The Outsider Interviews is a DVD/ package that picks up where unChristian left off, facilitating conversations with young people about Jesus and American Christianity.

OUR TAKE: Authors Jim Henderson (Jim and Casper Go to Church), Todd Hunter (Christianity Beyond Belief), and Craig Spinks (a talented filmmaker) have created something fascinating in The Outsider Interviews. The project is excellent, challenging, humble, and hopeful, and it leverages both print and visual media to great effect. The Outsider Interviews stirs the heart and the imagination with new zeal for engaging culture and communicating the gospel.

Collide Magazine
May/June 2010